This 4-hour course is designed to review the process for developing a simple but less complex structured problem solving approach for an organization. The course will review the importance of using a disciplined approach (based on Deming Model), the process steps, and how to report results.

This course focusses on the problem solving process and will briefly touch on a few problem solving tools. The course will also show how these simple steps can be integrated into an organization which currently uses or has used Lean Six Sigma concepts.

Course Outline:

  • A3 Thinking Overview
  •  A3 Process
  •  A3 Reporting
  • Application

A3 Thinking Overview

What and Why structured problem solving is important

  • Deming Cycle – Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)

A3 Process High Level Steps

Step # Process Steps Tool Utilization
1 Define Problem & Expectations SMART Goals

Project Charter

2 Determine Current State – Collect and Analyze Data (Establish Baseline) Process Mapping

Takt Time and Cycle Times

Pareto Charting

3 Identify Root Causes 5 Why’s


Waste Identification

4 Identify Countermeasures or Solutions  for Root Causes Cause and Effect

Brainstorming, Multi-voting

Lean Concept Implementation

5 Implement Solutions Validate Results RACI Timeline for a Pilot or Trial
6 Implement Methods to Sustain Results Metrics

Visual Workplace

Mistake Proofing


A3 Reporting

Review various A3 templates for documenting A3 Process Steps and Tools



Case study to demonstrate and apply tools taught on above process


Training for Credit:

Students who successfully complete the training course will be eligible to receive .25 college credit(s)



Two assessments (pre and post) will be administered to document understanding of material presented during training session.

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